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Director of Parish Music (DPM): Logan Werner ’25

October 23, 2023 - 2 minute read

Logan Werner

Director of Parish Music (DPM)
Logan Werner ’25
Major: Music: Church Music Concentration

I was raised in the Lutheran school system in Wisconsin, growing up around the school where my mom served as a teacher. My high school music director shaped the way I view music in the church and demonstrated how music can help people. I have been involved in worship music since 6th grade and continue to participate in worship at Concordia through Shout, Worship Band, Choir, and just about any other musical opportunity to praise the Lord! When I become a Director of Parish Music (DPM), I will strive to cultivate a community that encourages open and authentic worship in a biblically sound way that exudes Christ’s love.

Concordia is teaching me to think critically, better understand others, and both speak and minister to people the way Christ would.

Concordia is advancing my future career and helping me thrive in all areas of life by preparing me to balance the many responsibilities of a DPM. My musical ability has grown immensely through my classes in music theory and genres. It is a joy to combine one love (music) with the most important love any human can have: a love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


If you have a musical gift and a love for God, you will always be left in awe of what God can do in the church through music ministry. The church needs people who are willing to answer God’s call and who anticipate that God will do incredible things in His church through His people.


  • I am a member of Concordia’s Disc Golf team.
  • I raised pigs as a 4-H member of the Market Swine Program and showed them at the Ozaukee Wisconsin County Fair.


Beach worship night at a local beach singing worship songs, handing out Bible verses to people in the community, and inviting others to join us in worship.


  • Abbey West, Tech Coordinator
  • Shout Co-coordinator
  • Battalion Bible Study Leader
  • Handbells
  • Concordia Symphony Orchestra
  • Americana and Jazz Ensembles
  • Concordia Choir and Worship Band

Director of Parish Music (DPM)

A Director of Parish Music (DPM) is a called and commissioned musician prepared for team ministry in a congregation. A DPM often helps to plan a vibrant worship life with the pastor(s), and is usually responsible for other programs in the congregation that relate to music. They may lead from an organ or piano, guitar, as conductor, teacher, or in various other ways. They lead in various styles and formats. He or she may become involved in other areas of ministry within the day-to-day ministry of the church. The Director of Parish Music Program equips leaders for ministry who are passionate about the Gospel and the role music and worship can have in sharing the good news of Jesus.

Questions? Contact Rev. Steven Zank at [email protected], 949-214-3403. Or visit us online

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