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As a part of Concordia University's commitment to academic excellence, Concordia holds an annual President's Academic Showcase of Undergraduate Research. Almost $5000 is awarded in cash prizes to the top projects. The competition is a chance for strong students to work one-on-one with a faculty mentor on an undergraduate research project that the student chooses. The competition is inter-disciplinary, drawing entries from biology, English, theology, behavioral sciences, music, theater, education, business, communications, psychology, art, chemistry, history, anthropology, linguistics, and mathematics. A panel of faculty, selected from across the disciplines, serves as judges for the showcase. There are two levels of competition: Tier One for upperclassman, and Tier Two for freshmen and sophomores. Prizes for individual winners range from $100 to $1500.

There are three components to the competition: a research paper, an academic poster, and an oral presentation. Students prepare a research paper up to 25 pages in length, designed to be sufficiently scholarly in the use of literature, choice of methodology, and discussion of results and implications. Students also prepare an academic poster to display their results which should be sufficiently accessible in language, style, and presentation. Five finalists for the competition are invited to give oral presentations of their work. Winners are invited to represent Concordia by presenting their research at an inter-collegiate undergraduate research conference the following fall.

The number of showcase participants has grown significantly each year, as both students and faculty mentors recognize the excellent opportunity and experience in participating. Fifteen students were involved in the first showcase held in spring 2004. In spring 2012, thirty-three students signed up to compete.

2012 President's Academic Showcase Finalists

Participants in the 2012 President's Academic Showcase of Undergraduate Research

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