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Tier One

1st Place ($1,500): Savannah Neu & Jori Paradis - faculty sponsor Dr. Sean Bignami

  • Characterization of Behavioral Patterns in Pismo Clams (Tivela stultorum) via Position Sensing with a Magnetic Field

2nd Place ($1,000): Lucas Senkbeil - faculty sponsor Dr. Bryan Santin

  • A Weird Look at the Numinous

3rd Place ($700): Ingrid Becker - faculty sponsor Dr. Jack Schultz

  • A Brief History of ‘Otherness’ through the Lens of Dwarfism in Cultural Contexts and the Following Modern Impact

Honorable Mention ($400): Jacob Auringer - faculty sponsor Dr. Nathan Meier

  • Effects of Hydration Status on Pulse Wave Velocity in Healthy, Young Adults

Honorable Mention ($400): Madeleine Giddings - faculty sponsor Dr. Nathan Meier

  • Effect of Hydration Status on Central and Peripheral Blood Pressure Among Healthy Adults

Tier Two

1st Place ($400): Emma Parker - faculty sponsor Dr. John Kenney

  • Spectroscopic Investigations of Magnesium Tetrabenzoporphyrin in Heptane and Pyridine Matrices at Liquid Nitrogen Temperature

2nd Place ($300): Ryan Dunn - faculty sponsor Dr. Philip Broadbent

  • Mussolini’s Albanian Foreign Policy and the Tension between Ideological Purity and Political Pragmatism, 1926-1939

3rd Place ($200): Joshua Jacobsen - faculty sponsor Dr. Tom Mueller

  • The Development of Organ Pedaling Technique, 1700-1850

Best Poster

Ruth Larson - faculty sponsor Dr. Melinda Schulteis and Cole Neibuhr

  • Approximating the Orbits of Double Stars Using Current Methods, and an Introduction to Expediting Calculations for Orbital Approximations

Damon Lawson - faculty sponsor Professor Jessica Danger

  • Frankensissy: An Analysis of Queer Monstrosity
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