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肯考迪娅's Brunch & 精品

If you haven't already, it's not too late to sign up and invite your friends to have brunch with you. The last day to sign up is Monday, November 6, 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact Grace Saldana:

(949) 214-3185
[email protected]

Featured Speaker: 莎拉Dubbeldam


莎拉Dubbeldam ’05, started her career as an actress and model, modeling for brands like Target, 鳄鱼, InStyle magazine and many other national commercials and campaigns. In this industry she found a passion to broaden the ideals of “beauty” and create an authentic and elevated conversation for women, which has now become Darling—the first magazine to not photoshop women along with a clothing brand that reminds women of their unique beauty, 身份, 和目的.

Over the last 12 years, Darling has led a sea of change in the way women are depicted in advertising and fashion photography. Vogue Greece recently produced its first unretouched cover and their Editor-in-Chief thanked Darling for being a pioneer in this movement. Major department stores, too, are choosing to stop retouching their catalog and poster models. Dubbeldam says that “God created us all to look different…this narrow definition of a look that’s beautiful needs to be broadened, and Darling has been part of doing that in the culture. I’m proud of that.”

Today, Darling’s has a following of over 400,000 and reaches women all over the world. Issue 26 of the magazine premieres this fall, and their new clothing line is available for women to shop online and through Ambassadors globally. “The lens of everything we produce is to honor God and his view of women,” says Dubbeldam.

Darling has featured celebrities such as Kristen Bell, 乔安娜·盖恩斯, 梅根·拟人化, Tracee Ellis Ross, 美剧中, Rachel Brosnahan and many more 你Tube and influencer personalities such as Ingrid Nilsen and Lilly Singh. Sarah has been interviewed on outlets such as CNN, 美国全国广播公司, Refinery 29 and Huffington Post and speaks nationally on the movement of Darling.

Darling’s Mission Statement says:

Darling, you are a work of art.

你 have the ability to fully display beauty apart from vanity,

influence apart from manipulation, style apart from materialism,

kindness apart from passivity, strength apart from competition & dignity without degradation.

你 are a catalyst to transform the world around you through your wit, wisdom, character & courage - all the while creating beauty & 体现爱.

你 are not only interesting, 但原, not only good enough, but exceptional—not just here, but here for a purpose.

Thank you to our sponsors!


Becca Kearney '05
Realtor | DRE# 02021581
[email protected]

We are excited to have these vendors with us this year!


  • Chloe Bogosian: Ani + Quinn Design
  • 艾迪娜Braatz讲: My Saint My Hero
  • Brian城堡: 美食太妃糖
  • Jen Cocco: Maebe工作室
  • Jessie Davidson: Swimzz
  • 林恩DeBlasio: 盘子 & 围裙
  • 莎拉Dubbeldam: Darling Clothing
  • 提姆伯爵: 你喜欢的木头
  • Yesenia Flores: La Madrecita - pet accessories
  • Juniper Girgis: 菊花链
  • 蒂娜规则: The Rustic Impression
  • 乔妮卡斯帕·: Acrylic glass vases
  • 黛安娜Kemple: Joy Celebratory Designs
  • Vivian Kronfle: Queen of Buttercream
  • :诺玛LeBaron提示我们 玛丽 & 玛莎
  • Chloe Martinez MaJonfe '23: Colors by Chloe
  • 吉娜McIlvain: Scentsy
  • 戴安娜门多萨: Never Alone Candles
  • Elizabeth Moersch: Gift 给 Gifts
  • Halie Molino: Pacific Candle Company
  • 莎拉Pak & Emma Magnuson '23: 文具 & 贺卡
  • 索尼娅·里瓦斯: Mexican Artisan Leather purses
  • Elvia Rodriguez: Bellizimi Style Hats
  • Maria Sartin '24: Uncontainable Women's Apparel
  • 黛布拉Schueler: 玛丽 Kay Cosmetics
  • Leslie Sutphin: Natural Stone Pendants
  • Melinda Taddeo: Designer Details
  • Barbara Wellington: 连帽的毛巾 & 围裙
  • 苏珊·威尔逊: Jewelry by Susan

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