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Mission Statement

The EPiCS club is dedicated to igniting the enthusiasm of undergraduate STEM students for Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering, both on campus and within the broader community. Our primary goal is to provide a supportive community for students who share a keen interest in these subjects. We aim to cultivate an environment where you can collaborate on community service projects, nurture your undergraduate career development, and engage in projects that prepare you for the ongoing pursuit of STEM excellence.

President: Fatima Nava
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Julie Melberg


  • President: Fatima Nava
  • Vice President: Nicholas Martinez
  • Secretary: Julia Foote Najera
  • Social Media: Madeline Jahshan
  • Engineering Liaison: Matthew Markham
  • Computer Science Liaison: Kyle Christenson
  • Math Liaison: Gargi Bhogle

Contact Us

President: Fatima Nava
Faculty Advisor: Julie Melberg

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