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Here at Concordia University Irvine's Christ College, you will study with exceptional theologians who are faithful to Scripture, dedicated to academic excellence, and engaged in Christian ministry.

Professor of History and Theology

Clint J. Armstrong

Degrees Earned

  • University of California, Irvine, CA, Ph.D. 2012
  • Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO, M.Div. 2001
  • Washington University, St. Louis, MO, M.A. 2001
  • University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, B.A. 1996

Research Interests

  • Greek and Latin literature; epic; Augustan poetry, especially Ovid; history of literature; ancient history of Greece and Rome; mythology; New Testament

Teaching Interests

  • Greek and Latin language and readings; ancient history; mythology; social history; Bible; New Testament readings
Ashmon Scott

Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew


Scott Ashmon is Associate Senior Vice President and Provost and oversees the University's academic development and direction in accordance with the University's mission. Scott is also Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew. He has been at Concordia University Irvine since 2007 teaching undergraduate and graduate courses. From 2003-2007, he was Assistant Professor of Religion and Chair of the Religion Department at Concordia College in Bronxville, NY. Prior to that, he served as Assistant Pastor at Christ Lutheran Church in Cincinnati, OH for four years. Scott earned his B.A. from Concordia College in Portland, OR in 1992 and his M.Div. and S.T.M. from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MO. He earned his Ph.D. from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in 2010, where he specialized in the Hebrew Bible and the ancient Near East. He has published articles and books on topics related to the Old Testament and Lutheran higher education. He is a member of the Society of Concordia Theological Faculties and a board member of the Association for Core Texts and Courses and its Liberal Arts Institute. Scott and his family. Scott and his family are members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Irvine, CA.


Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati, OH, M.Phil., 2007, Ph.D, 2010; Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO, S.T.M., 1998, M.Div., 1996; Concordia College, Portland, OR, B.A., 1992

Publications: Peer Reviewed

  • The Idea and Practice of a Christian University: A Lutheran Approach. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2015.
  • Higher Education in Light of the Cross.” Dialog: A Journal of Theology 54, no. 1 (2015): 94-104.
  • Learning by Writing about and Discussing Big Questions.” Teaching Theology and Religion, forthcoming in 2015.
  • The Covenantal Function of Biblical Birth Annunciations.” Criswell Theological Review 10, no. 1 (2012): 41-52.
  • Birth Annunciations in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near East. Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen, 2012.
  • Ashmon, Scott and Robert Weise. “‘Give Me Children, or I Will Die’: Procreation is God’s Work.” Concordia Journal 24, no. 4 (1998): 337-45.


  • Co-authored with Scott Keith. To Be a Student: Vocation and Leisure in Service to Neighbor. Irvine, CA: New Reformation Publications, 2016.
  • Co-authored with Daniel van Voorhis, “Liberty and Rights in Light of the Reformation and Enlightenment Traditions.” Issues in Christian Education 49, no. 3 (Summer 2016).
  • Revisiting the Law-Gospel Paradigm in Light of the Old Testament.” Concordia Pulpit Resources 26, no. 3 (2016): 3-8.
  • Preaching Law and Gospel in the Old Testament.” Lutheran Forum 47, no. 4 (2013): 12-15.
  • The Good Society and the Problem of Evil in Genesis 1-3 and Enuma Elish.” Lutheran Forum 45, no. 3 (2011): 12-14.
  • Samson and Christ, Type and Antitype.” Lutheran Forum 43, no. 3 (2008): 15-17.


  • History and Literature of the Old Testament (THL 201 and THL 201H)
  • Old Testament Book of the Bible (THL 311)
  • Old Testament Isagogics (TEXO 507)
  • Old Testament Book Option (TEXO 510)
  • Guided Readings (THL 590)
  • Hebrew 1 (HEB 101)
  • Hebrew 2 (HEB 102)
  • Readings in the Hebrew Bible (HEB 201)
  • Readings in the Torah (HEB 211)
  • Readings from the Pericopes (HEB 225)
  • Readings in the Prophets and Writings (HEB 321)
  • Biblical Aramaic (ARA 301)

Professor of Biblical Languages/Theology

Concordia University, Irvine, 1983-84 and since 1986.


  • University of California at Irvine, M.A., 1993; Ph.D. 2005
  • Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO, M.Div., 1986
  • Christ College Irvine, CA, B.A., 1981


  • Research: Josephus
  • First Century Judea
  • The Revelation of John
  • Exegetical Method



  • A Short New Testament Syntax: Handbook with Exercises. Eugene: Wipf & Stock, 2018
  • Revelation. Reformation Heritage Bible Commentary. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2012.
  • The Sicarii in Josephus's Judean War: Rhetorical Analysis and Historical Observations. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2009.


  • “Sicarii.” Page 735 in T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism, vol. 2. Edited by Daniel M. Gurtner and Loren T. Stuckenbruck. London: T&T Clark, 2020.
  • “Roman Power and Divine Decree: Impression Management in the Masada Narrative, Bellem Judaicum 7.” Pages 177-192 in Ad Fontes Witenbergenses: Select Proceedings of Lutheranism and the Classics III: Lutherans Read History. Edited by James A. Kellerman, E. J. Hutchinson, and Joshua J. Hayes. Minneapolis: Lutheran Press2017.
  • "Flavian Judea." Pages XX-XX in A Companion to the Flavian Age of Imperial Rome. Edited by Andrew Zissos. West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming.
  • "The Means of Grace." Pages 69-78 in Learning at the Foot of the Cross: A Lutheran Vision for Education. Edited by Joel D. Heck and Angus J. L. Menuge. Austin: Concordia University Press, 2011.
  • "A Comparison of the Literary Conventions in Judith with the Ancient Greek Novel." Pages 163-171 in Hear the Word of Yahweh. Edited by Dean O. Wenthe, Paul L. Schrieber and Lee A. Maxwell. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2002.


  • "The Sicarii in Acts: A New Perspective." Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 54 (2011): 547-558.
  • "The Irony of Masada." The Bible and Interpretation, 2009.

Bible Studies

  • End Times. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2001.
  • An Introductory Course: Mark. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1998.
  • Church Year Bible Studies: Series B – Lent-Easter-Ascension-Pentecost. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1996.

Assistant Professor of Theology

Dr. Paul Elliott

Dr. Elliott received his Ph.D. and M. Phil. from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and is the lead professor of Hebrew for Concordia University Irvine's Christ College. Dr. Elliott published “The Israel of God in the Sermon: Connecting Old Testament Texts to New Testament People” in Feasting in a Famine of the Word in 2016 and is preparing a commentary on the prophet Habakkuk.


  • Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, M.Phil., 2013; Ph.D., 2018
  • Concordia Seminary – St. Louis, M.Div., 2009
  • Concordia University – River Forest, B.A., 2003

Professional Experience

  • Concordia University Irvine, Assistant Professor, 2016-present
  • St. John Lutheran Church, Assistant Pastor, 2009-2016
  • Hebrew Union College/Xavier University/University of Dayton, Adjunct Professor, 2010-2016

Publications Completed

  • “The Israel of God in the Sermon: Connecting Old Testament Texts to New Testament People” in Feasting in a Famine of the Word: Lutheran Preaching in the Twenty-First Century, 2016.


  • “Community and Closure: The Church in the Individual Complaint Psalms” in The Church as Fullness in All Things: Recasting Lutheran Ecclesiology in an Ecumenical Context, expected 2018.
  • Ambrose of Milan and His Use of Philo of Alexandria in His Letters on the Hexaemeron, Dissertation.
  • Habakkuk, Concordia Commentary, expected 2022.

Teaching/Research Interests

  • Old Testament/Prophetic Literature
  • Early Jewish and Christian Exegesis
  • Second Temple Judaism
  • Northwest Semitic Languages

Professor of Theology

Curriculum Vitae
Michael Eschelbach

Reverend Eschelbach was a parish pastor for 15 years before teaching at Concordia University Chicago (14 years) and now Concordia University Irvine. The care of souls and love of truth are evident in his eagerness to help others find the answers they seek, especially answers to the most difficult questions. Professor Eschelbach invests himself in his students as he shows them how to search for the truth among the various witnesses God has provided, especially in the Bible but also in nature, reason, and common human experience. You may find evidence of Dr. Eschelbach’s work in his publications, public speaking, and recognition for exemplary teaching. Besides teaching and studies, Michael Eschelbach enjoys sailing, biking along Newport beach, and visiting the redwoods.



  • Provide leadership and inspiration to various committees in the university setting, including faculty search committees, faculty seminar, faculty growth and development, student life policies, liberal arts culture, and student retention task force. Within each setting, provide exploration and development of responsive, innovative, and effective programming.

Writing (see also “publications” below)

  • In the process of writing essays on; the philosophy of religion, the nature of human responsibility in society, and the problem of evil.
  • Produced strategic curriculum and integrated, multi-media study guides including,
    • 1 year series for preschool & kindergarten age children.
    • 4 year series taking grades 1-4.
    • 3 year catechetical instruction (grades 5-7) which includes liturgical studies, Luther’s Small Catechism, and a Bible study guide that promotes age-appropriate, in depth discussion.
  • Developed a 5 year study series for high school youth which fosters the sense of community among students, promotes informed interaction of students with their peers in school, and enhances the student's own cognitive abilities.

Classroom Instruction

  • Professor of New Testament Studies, Greek, the Philosophy of Religion, World Religions, Gender, and related religious studies including ethics and social issues.
  • On-line graduate courses for MAR students on the Parables of Jesus and General Epistles.
  • Recruited by directors of Honors Program to provide honors level instruction in New Testament Studies and the History of Christian Biography.
  • Provide instruction and mentoring for graduate (MAR), directed, and correspondence studies.
  • Lecture and facilitate enthusiastic exploration of theological topics in Youth Encounter/Conference settings.
  • Lecture and direct discussion on biblical books, theology, and related current events to adults each Sunday morning.
  • Provide stimulating and highly interactive study sessions for juniors and seniors in High School.

Study Tours

  • 2014 – London and Edinburgh. Preparing for this fourth study tour in June.
  • 2012 – France. Assisted with Choir/study tour of France, providing general historical and theological background.
  • 2010 – Egypt. Taught a course on Egyptology and the significance of Egypt in the Bible while touring Egypt and the lower Sinai peninsula over 12 days
  • 2008 – Italy. Taught a course on the Council of Trent in comparison with orthodox biblical theology as presented by Martin Chemnitz in his examination of the same. This course on campus was followed by 14 days touring in Italy.
  • 2006 – Turkey/Greece. Taught a course on the travels and places where the apostle Paul taught while touring those locations with students over 16 days.

Campus Activities

  • 2000 – present. Provide several extra-curricular opportunities for students to interact with theological issues, current events and each other. “Cinema Sophia” offers a movie each week for viewing. The film is followed by analysis and discussion, focused on the relationship between the intent of the film and philosophical/theological principles. “Great Books Conversation” is a lunch time group that considers excerpts from the world’s greatest literature. “Concordians for Concord among Concordians” meets each week over lunch to allow students to pursue questions they have of any nature, but particularly those which generate tension between various church workers and between those who claim a Christian belief system. “Apologetics Exercise” is a once a semester meeting of two student teams who oppose each other on a high profile issue. Practice in research, public speaking, but most of all, evangelical apologetic method is provided. The whole campus is invited to participate and attend.
  • 1985 - 1987 Offered highly interactive biblical studies and lead discussions of the same for college students at Eastern Montana University and Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana.
  • 1983 - 1984 Generated commentary, illustrations, and lead an interactive workshop on the book of Revelation for faculty and students of Gallaudette University.

Professional Employment

  • 2014 – present Professor of New Testament, Concordia University Irvine, California.
  • 2000 – 2014. Professor of New Testaments Studies, Greek, Philosophy of Religion, and World Religions
    Concordia University Chicago in River Forest, Illinois
  • 1988 – 2000, Pastor, Peace Lutheran Church, Sandusky, MI
  • 1985 - 1988, Pastor, Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Billings, Montana
  • 1973 - 1981, Vice President of Production, Ann Arbor Craftsmen, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan


  • 1979 B.S. - Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan
  • 1985 M.Div. - Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • 1999 Ph.D. - Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


  • Concordia University Arts and Sciences Effective Teaching/Learning Award, 2002.
  • Concordia University Student Association Professor of the Year, 2000-2001, 2001-2002, 2004-2005
  • American Bible Society Scholarly “Studies in Greek Achievement Award” conferred by Concordia Theological Seminary, 1985

Professional Activities – Public Speaking, Seminars, Lectures

  • “Marriage Matters” Seminar at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Normal Illinois, September 20, 2014.
  • Key note speaker for the 2013 Beautiful Feet Conference, “How to Fill Big Shoes With the Feet You Have,” November 13, 2013.
  • “Gender Issues in Our Culture and Congregations,” Indiana District Pastor’s Conference, Merrillville, Indiana, October, 2013.
  • “Islam and Apologetics,” Seminar at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Belvidere, Illinois, September, 2013.
  • “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as paradigm of Christianity,” KFUO interview based on Cinema Sophia Study, September, 2013.
  • “You Got to Move it Move it: the Significance of Acts for Contemporary Christians,” Seminar at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Belvedere, Illinois, May 18, 2013.
  • “Apocalypse How? Understanding Revelation as the original readers would have” Seminar at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Alexandria, Virginia, April 6, 2013.
  • “Lazarus and the Rich Man,” radio interview, “Studio A with Roland Lettner,” KFUO radio, June 10, 2011.
  • “Accent on Apologetics: Paul’s Letter to the Galatians as Foundation and Springboard for Effectively Engaging Modern Society through Lutheran Schools.” LEA Convocation, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 2011.
  • “The Twilight of Education: Does Lutheranism Have a Stake in the Heart?” Association of Lutheran College Faculties annual conference, Irvine, California, October 1-3, 2010.
  • “Give Unto Caesar the Things that Are Caesar,” radio interview, “Studio A with Roland Lettner,” KFUO radio, September 1, 2010.
  • “Adoption” radio interview, “Studio A with Roland Lettner” KFUO radio, June 12, 2010.
  • “Baptism and the Holy Spirit” radio interview, “Studio A with Roland Lettner” KFUO radio, June 1, 2010.
  • “’Virtue’ in 2 Peter 1:5” radio interview, “Studio A with Roland Lettner” KFUO radio, February 10, 2010.
  • “Swimming Upstream: How to Advocate for the Adversarial” Apologetics Seminar. Bethel Lutheran Church, Clearwater Florida. March 2009.
  • “Marriage Matters: Weddings, Wars, and Winning Ways.” Imperial Nebraska annual conference, October, 2008.
  • “Mystery in the Water and Identity in the Body and Blood.” LCMS National Youth Gathering, Orlando Florida, August 2007.
  • “Sexual Brokenness: ‘Ships Passing in the Night? Biblical Means of Navigating Divorce and Re-marriage’” The Cranach Institute, Fort Wayne, Indiana, September 2006.
  • “Marriage Matters: From Bride of Christ to Bride of Frankenstein?” Central Illinois District Pastor’s Conference, Springfield, Illinois, October 2005.
  • “Media as Motivation” Lutheran Education Association Convocation, Indianapolis, Indiana, April 5, 2005.
  • “The Gospel as ‘Counter Intelligence’” Concordia University System Theologians Conference, Dallas, Texas, March 5, 2005.
  • “The Matrix: How to use media and art to make theology live in the hearts and minds of young people” Northern Illinois District, LCMS Youth Conference, Lyle, Illinois, November 7-9, 2004.
  • “Wine, Women and Song” a radical explanation for the conflict and a simple way forward in issues of fellowship, gender issues, and worship, to be presented at Lutheran Student Fellowship Seminar, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, October 25, 2003.
  • “The Matrix: Media as the Pulse of Religious Thinking and Invitation to Dialog” In His Face national youth gathering, Dallas, Texas, July 29-31, 2003.
  • “An Inspired Approach to Catechism and Confirmation,” presented at the SELC District pastor’s conference, Alsip, Illinois, February 4, 2003.
  • “Wine, Women, Song; a Study of 1 Corinthians 10,11,” presented at the Concordia Deaconess Conference, April 16, 2002.
  • “Not On My Watch! An Inspired Approach to Catechism/Confirmation Instruction,” Lutheran Education Association national convocation, Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 18-20, 2002.
  • “Predestination, Who does the Choosing?” presented at three sections of the National Youth Congress gathering, St. Charles Illinois, March 16, 2002.
  • “Marriage Matters; Biblical Perspectives that Make All the Difference in Marriage Relationships,” presented at Northern Illinois District Pastor’s Conference, October 2001.
  • “I Can’t Hear Myself Preach for the Snoring,” a study of hermeneutics which yields captivating engagement through public speaking, including preaching, presented at the Institute for Church Studies, Northern Illinois District, LCMS, September 2001.
  • “Has David Foiled Joab? A Literary Study of the Importance of Joab’s Character in Relation to David,” presented in the Arts & Sciences Research and Faculty Development Series, Concordia University, River Forest, March 15, 2001.
  • “Linguistic Approaches to Understanding the Controlling Ideas in 1 Peter,” presented at the Concordia Theological Seminary Symposium, January 2000.
  • “Biblical Catechesis: How to Convey God’s Word in a Meaningful and Reasonable Way,” presented at several workshops to clergy and educators in Taiwan and provided as a one week intensive course for credit at China Lutheran Seminary, Hsinchu, Taiwan, 1993.
  • “An Interpreter’s Approach to Research and Meaningful Translation of Biblical Words & Concepts,” presented during five days at the Interpreter’s Training Institute, Concordia Theological Seminary, 1985.


  • Forth coming (May 2015) New Testament Questions and Answers (CPH).
  • April 2015, “Is the Bible True?” Lutheran Hour Ministries Apologetics Web-resource.
  • Fall 2013, Proof Edition, Apocalypse – How? Understanding the Revelation to St. John by comparison of the Greek text, extreme literal translation, dynamic equivalent translation, and notes. Amazon; CreateSpace (April 2015).
  • Fall 2012, And the Storms Came. Eugene: Wipf and Stock, 2012.
  • Summer 2010, notes on Malachi and Philippians, The Lutheran Study Bible, St. Louis: Concordia, 2009.
  • Summer 2009, LEA eMonograph Series, “Why Apologize? Engaging challenges to the faith for educators in Lutheran ministries.”
  • Spring 2009, Testamentum Imperium (2009): Eternal Security/Perseverance of the Saints, Vol. 2. “Election in Ephesians 1: Individual or Corporate?” and “Hagios in Pauline Letters: The Extrinsic Source of Christian Holiness.”
  • Fall 2008 Concordia Pulpit Resources. Mark 10:32-45 “A Case of Mistaken Identity” and Philippians 2:5-11 “How Could You Stoop So Low?” St. Louis: Concordia.
  • Study Notes for New Testament Introduction. Eugene: Wipf and Stock, 2007.
  • Marriage and the Counsel of God. Eugene: Wipf and Stock, 2007.
  • Called to be God’s People: An Introduction to the Old Testament. Eugene: Wipf and Stock, 2006.
  • January 2006, Concordia Theological Quarterly, “Walk This Way: a Theme from Proverbs Reflected and Extended in Paul’s Letters.” Vol. 70:1, 43-62.
  • Has Joab Foiled David? A Literary Study of the Importance of Joab’s Character in Relation to David. Peter Lang publishers, 2005.
  • Fall 2004, Andrews University Seminary Studies, “Song of Songs: Increasing Appreciation of and Restraint in Matters of Love” Vol. 42, No.2, 305-324.
  • Fall 2004, Teachers Interaction, “Classroom Environment – A Winnable War” (Concordia Publishing House).
  • Fall 2003, LifeLight, “James & Jude,” Enrichment Magazine/Study Guide, (Concordia Publishing House).
  • Summer 2001, Lutheran Education, “The Proper Care and Feeding of Catechumens, p261-269.
  • 1996, The Everyday Study Bible, one page essays,
    • “Alcohol, ”
    • “Capital Punishment,”
    • “Celibacy,”
    • “Sabbath”

Book Reviews

  • Song of Songs by Cheryl Exum in JETS vol. 50, No. 2, June 2007.
  • Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament by Peter Enns in JETS vol. 48, No. 4, December 2005.


  • Provided a critical analysis of the New Testaments meaning and use of “nomos” and offered comprehensive recommendations for its translation in the God’s Word to the Nations Bible translation.

Professor of Theology

Michael Middendorf

Curriculum Vitae

Hi! My name is Mike Middendorf, a Professor of Theology. I am privileged to teach a wide of variety of courses related to the Bible (e.g. Old and New Testament, Greek and Hebrew, and many more!). It is a great opportunity to lead classes on three levels at one University! My favorite group to work with is our undergraduate students, but I also get to teach courses in the Master of Arts program and to seminarians studying here for many types of ethnic ministry. My home state is Minnesota and my college is a sister school of Concordia - Irvine, located in St. Paul, MN. After completing my pastor’s degree and a doctorate at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, I was a parish pastor at Concordia Lutheran Church in Jamestown, ND. Then I served as professor for 9 years at another sister Concordia, in Austin, TX, before coming to Irvine. Is that enough Concordia’s for you? Well, yet another Concordia, Concordia Publishing House, asked me to write a two-volume commentary on the book of Romans for their Concordia Commentary series. Volume one was published in 2013; volume two in 2016. I also co-authored the New Testament textbook used here and at other Concordias titled, Called by the Gospel. In addition to digging into the Bible, I have worked on an archaeology dig three summers at Hippos on the shore of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. After all those Concordias, I should point out that “Concordia” is from two Latin words which literally mean “with heart.” That is one phrase which I strive to have as a characteristic of my teaching ministry. “Concordia” is also often translated as “harmony.” Since coming to Concordia in 2001, I have really found that to be an outstanding description of the Christian community here.


  • Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO, M.Div., 1987; S.T.M., 1989; Ph.D., 1990
  • Concordia College, St. Paul, MN, B.A., 1981

Professional Experience

  • Concordia University, Irvine, CA since 2001
  • Concordia University, Austin, TX, 1992-2000

Recent Achievements

  • Author of the 2-volume commentary on Romans in the Concordia Commentary series (2013, 2016)
  • Co-author of Called by the Gospel, a university-level New Testament introduction (2007)
  • Dissertation on Romans 7, The "I" in the Storm, published by Concordia Publishing House (1997)

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